Honey? Have You Seen My Innocence?

Profile Sent in by Barry:

What I'm doing with my life

ugh too many things to count.  I'm teaching english to atrisk kids, going on mission trips, and being an all around good guy.  Tough though when you have the whole world trying to beat you down.  WHy can't it all be just like it was when we were kids and fun and innocent?  Sorry if I'm all Dr. Philosophy over hre.  I work with kids so I know……

I'm really good at

singing in the shower, teaching english (especially to atrisk kids), kissing (especially to atrisk kids).


  1. You would think an English teacher would know the power of spell-check.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. If the kids weren't atrisk before, then they certainly are now...

  4. You know, next time I want to be condescending I'll use the "sorry to go Dr. Philosophy" line like the OP did.

  5. That last bit about kissing the kids is disturbing. Has anybody alerted the authorities?

    Also the way he wrote "atrisk" made me think he was trying to write Asterix.


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