Holy Clap

Story Sent in by Sinclair:

Felicia and I were finishing dinner after a pleasant first date. The check came and I paid it. Felicia applauded loudly.

"What's that for?" I asked her.

She said, "You paid for dinner! Bravo!" She continued to clap.

"You're welcome."

She didn't stop clapping. After a few more seconds, I said, "Okay, thanks. That's enough."

Instead of stopping, she clapped louder and raised her hands even higher. She said, "Woo! Hooray Sinclair!"

Heads swiveled to us. I said, "Okay, Felicia. Thank you. That's really enough."

"Woo!" she shouted again, then turned her head around at the different staring people as she continued to applaud, "Can we get some love for Sinclair, here? Yay Sinclair!"

"Stop clapping," I said.

She didn't. When the waitress returned with my change, and a funny look at Felicia, Felicia was still at it. I grabbed my change, left the tip, and stood up to go.

Felicia stood up too, and clapped all the way out of the restaurant. When we made it to the sidewalk in front, she was still clapping.

"Stop clapping!" I repeated, "What the hell?"

She shouted above her claps, "I want to, but I just can't stop! I can't stop clapping!" and then she laughed like a witch queen who'd just brewed a successful potion on top of a high mountain peak in a thunderstorm. Peals of great, raucous laughter erupted over the non-stop clapping.

I had planned to take her out for dessert, but instead I said, "I think I'm going to go."

She clapped louder and said, "Woo, Sinclair! He's heading out, give him a big hand!"

I gave a short bow to placate her, and then I hurried back to my car. She didn't follow me, but I heard her clapping until I was out of earshot.

Our date up until her clapping had actually been great. I had no indication that she was loony, but I'm grateful that she showed me the crazy that early in our relationship. First and last date.


  1. This kinda makes me wonder if Felicia's version would have OP making a big deal out of paying for dinner. Oh the cynicism, I know.

  2. Regardless of if he did make a big deal of it or not, her behaviour was pretty rude, considering she got a free dinner out of the guy.

  3. This creepy, almost scary, to me


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