Do Your Mom and Sister Know This?

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About me:

love to watch and play football...looking forward to take responsibility as a man just to cater for my future wife and kids...i love hiphop and rnb...love all the good things of life...and make th best out of it..pls let me knw wot els u will lyk to know bout LEXZY..will hit back at exactly what u want...den u knw true love reigns..lol

First Date
prefer not to say..or lets see then we talk better..that will b d best any lucky 1 will definitely hope for.My partner is my love..my sister..my mom..pls wot other thing do u want..pls dont hesitate to tell me??


  1. Meh, there was nothing cringeworthy or terribly off-putting in this letter, just someone with terrible grammar.

  2. It gets less and less comprehensible as it goes on. How can people like this even work out how to work a computer.

  3. "my partner is my love..my sister..my mom" I think that's pretty cringeworthy. I don't want a partner who thinks of me as a sister and mom. A little incestuous don't you think?

  4. The most surprising thing in this is that the author knows the word "reigns"; that came out of no where!


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