Captain Charming Strikes Again

Profile Sent in by Connie:

Who I'm looking for:

Goth chicks, ritzy chicks, sloppy rural chicks, I've had em all. Can't say one impresses me more than any other. You all have the same pieces so what's it really come down to?

Some of you are fatter than others, others of you are thinner and smarter. Or stupider. Doesn't matter to me. What's inside counts only.

Besides guts what else you got inside you? Brains? Some of you have less than half of one, like a zombie gave up midway and onto fresher meals. Amazing to me: you have no manly parts but can still accept or reject me without having seen them. How this makes sense in our crazy society is anyone's guess. No man parts for you, but you still judge my whole prized gender. Unsure if this means anything to you, but I'm looking for something deeper than just a dumb "you're hot let's screw." More to life, more to love, PEECE, AIGHT??


  1. "sloppy rural chicks," eh?

  2. I like the Cosmopolitan Cunty Chicks myself.

  3. I admire dudes like these for their balls. Me, I'm a chicken who has to spell-check and redact for coherence and legibility before pushing "post"...

  4. ^ No shame in that.

  5. Fat chicks, skinny chicks, chicks who climb on rocks...

  6. Tough chicks, sissy chicks, even chicks with herp-a-derpes.

  7. No comments about how suddenly at the very end "he's looking for more than a one night stand"?


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