Why's it on Your Bloody Profile in the First Place?

Email Sent in by Arthur:

(Arthur says: "Marisa wrote to me first. Her email was exuberant and friendly. Her profile confessed that a childhood nickname of hers was 'Bloody Butt.' In my response to her message, I asked her about it. She wrote me the following. After I read it, I wrote her back to ask her if she was just kidding. She never wrote back.")


When I was in elementary school I had friends over at a slumber party and one of them clogged the only toilet in my house so when I had to go to the bathroom I had to go outside in the dark and I pulled down my pants and sat down accidentally on my parents' rosebush. I started crying and ran inside with a bloody butt. They all became my enemies after that and they called me that until I went to a different high school.

I really appreciate you bringing it up. You're a real piece of shit asshole, you know that?



  1. Oh, Churro, you just made my morning.

  2. I believe he is referring to the excess of hypocrisy common to many Republicans.

  3. ^ And indeed politicians in general.

  4. @TacoDave

    And only a Republican would have taken something seriously enough to bother to retaliate.

  5. No no, TacoDave is correct.
    BTW, this guy is TOTALLY not doing online dating right. I can give a few pointers.

  6. ^ahahahahaha <3 I wonder how many people just glanced over your comment and never bothered to read your name?


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