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I think that people can be divided into two categories: men and women. I'm interested in women, because I want to zestfully fulfill my urges to have sex with women. Most women cannot satisfy me. Their fault I guess but I am mighty Thor and I wield a hammer of mighty power betwixt my legs like venus flytrap. NO MEN PLZ!!!


  1. Someone's trapped in the closet.

  2. "I think that people can be divided into two categories: men and women."

    You... 'think'?

  3. Wouldn't a Venus flytrap be more yonic than phallic?

  4. ^ Same thought I had. Though to be honest, referring to anyone's genitals as a venus flytrap just doesn't conjure nice mental images.

  5. I second what Ipdar said. He can't be satisfied by women because they are not men.

  6. Baku-Chan, he's on the fence about hermaphrodites.

  7. I third Ipdar - it's like: 'You better not be a man because, like, if you were - say a man pretending to be a woman - and then we like meet up and it was dark or something, and I didn't notice your moustache, or your manly bulge, and I kissed you and then stroked your hot rod, may I would end up having sex with a guy, by accident, IYSWIM. So please don't be a guy wanting to turn on a cherry like me. OK?'

  8. Venus Fly traps are actually pretty small plants, aren't they?


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