Maybe He Should Take Up Tricycling

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Story Sent in by Christin:

My cousin set me up with his friend, Peter. I spoke to Peter a few times over the phone before we agreed to a date. He said that he'd pick me up at my house on a Friday evening and take me out to dinner.

That Friday, I dressed up and prepared for Peter's arrival. It was a cool night, and I waited for him out on my porch. After a short while, he arrived, down the street, riding a skateboard. He rolled towards the curb, leapt up, miscalculated, stumbled, flailed, yelled something like, "Brraaauuugh!" and pitched forward, onto the sidewalk. He stretched his arms out to break his fall, but he fell hard and lay still.

I ran to him. He was bleeding from a few places and screamed a fair amount, but he wasn't busted up too badly. I brought him inside, helped him clean up, ordered a pizza, and watched a movie.

Afterward, I offered to drive him home, but he insisted on riding his board. As I watched him leave, he rode a few yards down the sidewalk before he lost his balance and fell again, but this time, onto the grass on a nearby lawn. I ran a little ways toward him and asked him if he was okay. He said that he was, but he picked up his board and walked away until he was out of sight.

We ended up as friends, but I'll never forget our first meeting.


  1. He offered to pick you up and yet you picked him up off the sidewalk. ahhhhaahahah...What a jack-hole!

  2. ...Did he ever tell you about the time he showed up at a girl's house with a red wagon in tow?

  3. That is hilarious and I honestly can't help but feel sorry for him! But why on earth did he show up at your place to pick u up for a date on his skateboard?! That's just weird! Were you going to hop in it too? Winder what would have happened if he had shown up minus accident, would you have driven the two of you somewhere? Glad that you ended up as friends after all that! Haha

  4. The sound effect "Brraaauuugh!" reminds me of old-school Calvin and Hobbess comics for some reason...

  5. "he lay still yet screamed a fair amount"? The whole thing sounds very junior high.


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