It's Just Gas

Story Sent in by Melissa:

Jeff and I met online, spoke for a little while, and we set it up so that he would pick me up at my house for our date.

When I climbed into his car, he said "I'm almost out of gas. We have to hit a station."

We drove past about half a dozen stations before I said, "What's wrong with the stations you've been passing?"

He replied, "They're all too pricey. I'll find a cheaper one."

His gas light was on and he must have been running on mere vapors at that point. He did a u-turn and drove past the same five stations again. I suggested, "Why not fill up a little bit at one of them, so that you don't run out of gas?"

He replied, "That's not how it's done. Just relax."

Between two gas stations, he ran out of gas. After trying to will the car into motion, he turned to me and said, "Ready to push?"

"Nope!" I replied, and called a friend to come and pick me up.


  1. And that's how THAT's done.

  2. Really OP what? Really going to push that dudes car after he passes by 5 gas stations and refuses to put anything in? This is a first date, and her first impression of him in person; hell yeah he better have money for his own gas, and not make his date push.

    Unless you were going "really, OP" about him picking her up at her house, first date, meet somewhere, that isn't your house/office/relative's house, like, at the restaurant you're going to.

    I'm going with the OP on this one, he did something she didn't like, that is legitimately something he shouldn't have done, and she left

  3. Apparently Rachel likes pushing cars of people who are too stupid to know "that's not how it's done." Dude's a tool.

  4. There's no such thing as "cheaper" gas; they all charge about the same amount.

  5. In the long run a few pennies isn't going to make much of a difference. Good job OP for having a backbone and leaving after he asked you to push. As Connie said, "Dude's a tool."

  6. Gas? So nobody farted? I was expecting the dude to be flatulent.

  7. The value of the gas he used when trying to find cheaper gas would be more than the money he could hope to save. Instant IQ test failure...

  8. ^Beat me to it. Even if you find gas for 5 cents a gallon less somewhere, the fuel you burned finding the place will generally cost even more than what you saved.

  9. Antole and Mediator, depends how big of a gas tank he has, and how far you have to go; assuming the car gets X mpg; you have Y gallons to get for a full tank; you drive Z miles to find a cheaper gas station, thus burning Z/X gallons of gas; you spend N cents less per gallon; base price of gas for this purpose will be P dollars; P*Y bucks to fill up now; if you drive for other gas (P-N)*(Y+Z/X)
    IE, 4 dollars/gallon (P=4) 5 cents price difference (N=.05) (very easy to get, just compare the difference between a gas station in a neighborhood vs a gas station at the intersection of two major highways) Distance driven 5 miles (Z=5)

    If you need 10 gallons;
    if you get 40mpg (possible for small efficient cars) you pay $39.99 versus $40

    If you need 15 gallons
    if you get 30 mpg you pay $59.91 versus $60

    If you need 20 gallons
    if you get 25 mpg you pay 79.79 versus $80

    If you drive 2 miles, as long as you need at least 9 Gallons, if you get at least 20mpg you save;
    if you get 15 mpg as long as you need 12-13 gallons you save;
    if you get 10 mpg and you need at least 18 gallons, you save

    So as long as you don't hunt around too long; need a decent amount of gas; and get decent mileage, you're fine; if you're an adult, you should know which places are cheaper by default; and should also know that when you find a cheaper place you should buy as much gas as possible

    [If you want I can start graphing it by changing parameters]

  10. It's not a question of savings; it is a question of convenience, will you drive 5 miles out of your way once a week to fill up for 10 cents less total?

    because you're only saving 10 cents a week; so you get a measly $5.20 back for an added 260 miles to your car; if your car depreciates at more than .02 cents per mile; you lose money for hunting down your gas since your car loses more than $5.20 on the resale value

  11. that's on a per year basis, btw your "savings"

    However you do get the satisfaction of knowing you paid less

  12. I don't really mean to offend you all, but I have to say.... DWEEBS

    :-) Sorry, just the feelings of someone who sucked at math all of their life.

  13. J.L.B welcome to the club, I always hated math


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