As Opposed to the Slightly-Less-Hot One

Email Sent in by Vanessa:

hahahaha u look like the devil kid from the grudge.  the hot hot one.  dont worry.



  1. But....I only sent in that first sentence. You added that "hot hot" stuff and the name.....

  2. Jared, you took too many creative liberties! For shame!

    Vanessa, maybe Jared was trying to send you a message? Like, it's cool that you look like the "hot hot" girl from that movie?

    Also...DO you look like the devil kid?

  3. it's called auto complete Vanessa, like in "I just had a sandwich and now I'm going to go ...."

  4. Nikki - Well, I personally do think that I do, but apparently now there are two people out there who seem to think so. :P


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