An Arm and a Brain Cell

Email Sent in by Zack:

Hello I'm Aimee. Nice to meet you!! Liked your profile so doing the logical thing hope it's not too forward.

I've dated around on this site and met some good people. The last guy I dated had only one arm. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! oh man was it funny. He didn't think so though and so I didn't say anything about it until I stopped dating him. Never had sex with him. Come on, he had one arm!

Anyhoo you should wrote me back we should talk fuck yeah.



  1. A bad case of the missing punctuation.

    ...we should talk "fuck", yeah!

    There, fixed.

  2. Probably chewed off his one arm to not wake the last pig he was with.
    He went to bad at 2 with a 10....and woke up at 10 with a 2.

  3. Sounds like a member of the cucumber family.

    And, love the edit Antole.


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