You're a Buns-Hole

Email Submitted by Geraldine:

Love the shot of you looking over your shoulder.  Hot hot hot hot buns.  I can't get over your buns.  I wish I had a mouth big enough to wrap it around your buns and tongue 'em!  My mouth would be like a big warm seat that you'd love and love and love again.

If there was a time of day that was BUNSTIME then it would be all the time for you and your luscious, glorious BUNS!!!

I hope to have the pleasure of seeing them in person someday…



  1. For relaxing times, make it... bunstime.

  2. I hope he knows the poopie-hole is a breeding ground for cooties.

  3. Everytime I see the word "buns" as a substitute for "ass", I think about that song from the South Park movie. You know, the one Mr. Mackey sings ("Instead of saying 'fuck', just say 'M'kay'!"


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