You Want to Bake in an Abandoned House?

Email Submitted by CJ:

Wow ur super kool and dreamy. i tottally dig wat ur saying about maleably flowing through scenes and the inside outside wurld! not 2 be skevvy but im surprised the first thing people notice about u is ur amazing shaped mouth!

I love partners in crime specially since most days I commit minor ones. I like looking for free stuff and going major distances on bikes with friends to get them,,,, I have tons of art ideas, and can babble about society and culture for a long time, coffee makes me high.

Get outtta the city cum 2 oakland, well break into a abandon house or do some wheatpaste , jam out with some keyboards whateves,, OMG u seem kool



  1. Was anyone else not able to read past the first line?

  2. I read past the first line but didn't understand any of it except for "I love partners in crime specially since most days I commit minor ones". I like his honesty on that one, definitely something worth knowing before the first date.

  3. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to what wheatpaste is? Kids these days...

    Hm... wikipedia says it's just a liquid paste used for some kinds of art...

  4. Wheatpasting means putting up posters, usually illegally or semi-illegally. Sometimes it's art but more commonly it's to advertise a concert or similar.

  5. I honestly thought that was written by a girl until I looked again.

  6. He sounds like he's about 12 years old.

  7. Nikki - I thought so, too. Not too many guys use the word "dreamy"


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