Well, Biggering Is an Inexact Science

Emails Submitted by Clark:

hey u got a little nose so it makes me wonder if u have a little u know what.  everyone nose (AHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) that small nose means small wang-wang…. so why dont u write back n tell me?


Clark Responds:


Thanks for your email.  My nose may be small but my "wang-wang" is huge.  I think you have the relationship confused.  I've heard (from many sources including a real live doctor!) that large nose means small brain.  That seems to explain you, doesn't it?

Best wishes,

Treysee Responds:

hahahaha lol.  Guess so.  Going to get brain biggering operation soon anyway.  Can always cut down on nose size too.


(Clark says: "I didn't hear from her for months, and I forgot all about her and her biggering operation.  Then, a few months later, this arrived:")


Hihi!  Brain much biggernow.  Its easy to walk into sumps though.



  1. ...not a 'real live doctor'...I have to stop getting my check-up from my dead physician.

  2. I'm sorry to generalize, but what's the vote on whether "Treysee" is black?

  3. TheMediator, I doubt it. Tracy sounds pretty white even when you spell it wrong.

  4. The original email was lame but "Treysee" gets points for at least going along with the joke for a couple of emails. I could be wrong but I imagine Treysee as college-aged and ditzy rather than black.

  5. "It's easy to walk into sumps though"?

    Are sumps so common in her neighborhood that she keeps falling into them? Is her brain so big she can't see her feet?

    I just... can't parse this at all.

  6. ...and just then he realized that JMG changes all the names... damn, guess I am racist after all.


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