Turning Tricks

Email Submitted by Joe:

Helloooooo???  Are you ready to be sawed in half?

I'm Trina and I am a magician!  I perform up and down the county at venues such as the Carondelet Complex and the exclusive Delmar Gardens!  My bookings are getting quite out of hand and so I need an attractive male assistant to help me out.  They're all taken so I guess I have to rely on you…  OH MY GOD KIDDING

My friends are working or otherwise indisposed, so this struck me as a way to meet people.  Your job would be to help me run the shows, hold onto props and occasaionally be sawed in half… KIDDING AGAIN CHRIST

Since you're on here, you obviously have some free time to spend so why not spend it learning some magic with me?  Who knows?  Just don't "disappear," k?

poof you're gone!


(Joe says: "I checked out her illustrious venues.  The Carondelet Complex is the local YMCA and Delmar Gardens is a rest home.  Against my better judgment, I actually wrote her back to say that I'd help her out, and I assisted on three magic shows.  We're still friends, but her introductory email was always memorable.")

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  1. St. Louis has some shitty magicians!


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