Time to Increase the Spam Filtration

Email Submitted by Sara:

A man is a man is a man until you meet me.  When I meet women sparks fly.  I've been in the game for years, know the tricks, time to settle down.  I can't be everyone's one and only, and there is only one of me to go around.

I am writing this message to all women on this site (but can't do it too quickly because of the site's spam filters): I am taking my self off the market.  Please forward this to your girlfriends on here so that they know (again because of spam filters).

Will I be back?  Who knows.  Time for me to focus on other things in life.  Travel, fishing, the like.

Will I still be open to hookups: depends on factors too many to go into now.  If it happens it happens.  So be it.

Will I ever post a profile up on here again?  Maybe.  Too soon to tell.  I just want to lay low for awhile.

Hope this answers any questions or or other women would have.



  1. It's one thing to have self-confidence, but wow.

  2. Please tell me this was their first communication. That makes it ten times funnier.

  3. ^^Not sure how many will get that, Jared, but a big thumbs up from me.


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