The Approaching Train

Email Submitted by Joshua:

Hey meat!

Yes it's been a week but it's important to me that you know what I've been thinking about: I think you made a mistake and that you should give me another chance.  You say that the decisions you've made are based on things in the past but have you any mind for the present and future?  You say that I come on too strong but I disagree and anyway you deserve nothing less than that.  You are great.

A future with me is a future in which I will be devoted, loyal, and loving.  You will never want for anything.  Our babies, when they happen, will be adorable.  Maybe if you could see into the future like I can then you will have your eyes opened.  I can open your eyes for you both now and into the future.  Give me one more chance.  I promise that you will love it now and into the future.  Keep looking ahead or you will miss what's coming... and what's coming is me all the way!

Love and respect,


  1. This reads more like a message a creepy guy would send *shudders*.

  2. I get confused by the labels. Shouldn't "Written by a Guy" mean the message was written by a guy, not submitted by one?

  3. I'm confused...why does she address him as meat?

  4. "Keep looking ahead or you will miss what's coming... and what's coming is me all the way!"

    Wonder if she meant this the way I took it.

  5. I got nervous reading this email. Like someone is watching me, ready to jump out and akjklajflk.............

  6. I'm more used to this kind of thing from girls rather than guys, both genders must be capable of being this needy and crazy.


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