Summer Camp Exposé

Story Submitted by Jessica:

Bobby and I met while we were counselors at a summer camp.  We spent a summer as friends, and when it was over, we promised to keep in touch, which we did, sporadically, over the following year.

Our second summer together, things became a bit more passionate, with late-night trysts by the kayak shack and stolen kisses while cleaning up at lunch.

Bobby was a nice guy, but he was a bit too physically aggressive, and it turned me off to him.  I spent less and less time with him, and the next time we were alone together, I told him that we'd probably be better off as friends.  Surprisingly, he agreed, and even gave me a hug.  It went a lot better than I thought it would, and I was glad.

The next day, several camp groups were gathered together in the baseball field, waiting in line at the equipment shed for ball supplies.  Bobby's group lined up next to mine, and I waved at him.  He gave me a dirty look, and so I turned back to my own counselor friends and campers.

A few moments later, from behind, I felt rough hands on my waist, then the same hands jamming down my shorts, grabbing my underwear, and yanking it up, all within a matter of a second.

I, my co-counselors, and the surrounding campers screamed, but I had the presence of mind to turn and swing my arm into the face of my assailant: Bobby.

The side of my forearm cracked him hard, right below the eye.  He yelled and stumbled back, then said, "You bitch!" and kicked dirt at me, then took off, away from me and his campers.

I was too stunned from the situation to say anything, but Melissa, one of my fellow counselors, said, "You've got to tell the camp director."

I did, and Bobby was apparently fired.  I never found out the particulars, as I never saw him again after that.  His friends never spoke to me, and I wasn't about to ask, because frankly, I didn't care.


  1. Another Bad Case of Where Was The Date?

  2. How old were you two? High school age? Sounds to me like Bobby was hoping you'd pop his cherry behind the kayak shak and handled his disappointment with all the class of a sexually frustrated 17-year-old.

  3. Ah, Nikki. You've been around here long enough to know that the site defines "date" as "romantic entanglement." If it has two-plus people and involves romance, then it has my attention.

    1. Darnit. I guess I can't send in any of the stories about how I was a bad date to myself. Like just the other night myself got super drunk and I had to put her in a cab to make sure she got home safe. She was acting like a total idiot all night long. :D

  4. Wait, you mean wedgies AREN'T romantic? This suddenly explains so much!

  5. ^ Lol! That's why romantic women don't wear panties, didn't you know?

    Panties = wedgie
    Wedgie = not romantic
    Therefore: Panties = not romantic

  6. Jared, you've known me long enough to know that I can be sarcastic...just not through the internet apparently.

    Anonyme, what about thongs? Instant wedgie. It's like a preventative measure.


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