Elevator Prey

Story Submitted by Walter:

I was out on my date with Audrey, and as far as I could tell, it was going well.  We had a good dinner with flowing conversation.  When we left the restaurant, it was still early in the evening, and as we walked past a particularly ritzy apartment building, she stopped and pointed up at it.

"I've always wanted to go in here," she said.

I suggested, "So let's do it."

We went inside, and there was a security desk, but no sign of a guard.  We could just walk on by and explore, which is exactly what we did.  We checked out the downstairs lobby, with its mirrors, chandeliers, and large, expensive-looking armchairs.  A fountain bubbled out of the floor, a place for the wealthy to contemplate their lives amidst so much gaudy crap.

Finally, we made it to to the elevators, and of course, we hit the button for the penthouse.  While we were in the elevator, I couldn't help but notice that Audrey stepped away from me, as far as she could go.  At the time, I didn't think much of it, but perhaps I should've paid closer attention, in retrospect.

The doors opened and a pocket of warm air hit us.  There was an expansive patio with grey and white checkered tiles, a glass ceiling, and tall potted plants.

I went to step out with Audrey, but she put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Wait," then she stepped out herself and went on, "I want to, you know... check..." then she jumped back into the elevator, hit two columns of buttons, and jumped out.

Maybe I was a little surprised.  Maybe it was the ugly, triumphant smile on her face.  Whatever it was, even though I could've easily followed her out of the elevator, I didn't.  I waited, watching her as the doors closed.

On the next floor down, the elevator stopped, and I stepped out of it.  Once it closed and continued on its long journey, I hit the down button, and another elevator arrived to whisk me down to the ground floor in speed and style.  Maybe not style, but definitely faster than otherwise.

When I arrived in the lobby, there was no sign of Audrey, but I thought that it would be fun to wait for her.

I'm not sure what she was doing, but it took her about 10 minutes to arrive in an elevator to the lobby.  When the doors slid open, I smiled and approached her.

She yelped and hit a button, then hit it again, and then started slapping and punching at the button console when the doors didn't close immediately.  "Come on," she yelled, "Come on!  He's gonna eat me!"

Her behavior amused me, and I reached out slowly, towards the doors, as if to grab her.  She jumped back and pressed herself against the back wall of the elevator as the doors closed.

I wasn't sure if she was playing around or not, so I texted her to ask exactly that.  She texted back, "KEEP AWAY FROM ME JERK!!!"

Just in case, I waited for a while in the lobby, but she never came down.  Guessing that she had somehow changed her mind about our date, I left, assuming that I'd hear from her if it was all a game.

She never contacted me, and I never contacted her.  So it went.


  1. Sorry, I just don't completely get this one. It's such a weird thing to do on a date (from both of you) that it feels like there just has to be more to it.

  2. No, there's probably not more. This just sounds like another situation where the girl wanted to end the date, but could think of a non-cowardly way to do it.

    Honestly, is it SO hard to just be like, "Hey thanks for dinner, but I don't really feel a connection"? It sorta disgusts me to see people act like this.

  3. I felt like it was missing facts as well. For example: "I wasn't sure if she was playing around or not, so I texted her to ask exactly that. She texted back, "KEEP AWAY FROM ME JERK!!!"

    Weren't they in the same room? Why would he text? And if she was acting so weird, why would she take the time to text back?

    Color me confuzored.

  4. I once banged a fat ugly chick in an elevator...it felt good but was wrong on so many levels!

  5. I took a 17-year-old's cherry in the elevator of his high school. I'll let you guess how old I was when this happened.

  6. Huh? ...was he eating a fruit cup?

    I'd guess 36?

  7. I'm telling the cops, Nikki! Just list your full name, street address, social security number, etc. so I can have you put in jail for statutory, baby!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. ^ How do you know she was overage? Also, the age of consent is as low as 13 in some states, provided that she didn't have any blood relation or disciplinary authority over the guy (parent, teacher, etc).


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