Right Next to My Horseshoe Collection

Email Submitted by Rosie:

Hello woman.

I would be honored to take you out and show you an enjoyable dinner and conversation and emotional support and whatever else you say you need.

Maybe after our date if things go well you can let me take off your shoes and sniff them.  I don't really like the smell of feet but I like the smell of pretty women's feet - they smell better and I would be honored to take off your shoes and sniff them.

If you don't want your shoes back after this then I understand.  I will keep them to remind me of you whenever you are not near.  I have a small collection/library of shoes each with their own scent.  A nice time with you might be enjoying their smells together sometime… that would be most nice.

Second date - new shoes for you to wear and new shoes for me to collect!  One day I might end up having more than you!  Not to wear.  Not to wear.

Seasons greetings,


  1. What a maroon. I don't have any fetishes, but if I did I'd wait awhile before revealing them.

  2. Well I hope he brings some replacement shoes for his dates. Or does he expect them to go home without shoes on?

  3. Something about the combination of bizarre fetishes and low intelligence... makes me want to cry. But I won't.

  4. 10th date dude, 10th date!

    Love it how he thinks that wearing them is weird, but smelling them and keeping a stash of them is somehow... less weird?

  5. Giggity...


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