Look Out When it Sneezes

Email Submitted by Bradley:

Hi this is Jacqueline ..  I have a tattoo of my own face across my ass.  I did it on a bet in high school (price of tattoo plus $1,000 and you'd better believe I collected!!!) but I was also talked into it by a family friend of mine who is also who is also an attorney.  He said that this way would be the best.

So how's by you???



  1. That is a very, very special title.

  2. I'm afraid to ask what it was "best" for, exactly.

  3. Someone who loses a tattooing bet should have a frowny face tattooed right across their actual face. That'll learn 'em...

  4. At first, when I read the title I was fine. But after reading the email all the way through, I ended up retching up the meal I had just eaten.

  5. The title was actually the most amusing part of this.

  6. Doggy style sex with her must look really weird.

  7. Maybe this is a way of preparing the potential date for having a face that looks like her butt.


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