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Story Submitted by Tim:

Sonia called me up on the day of our date to tell me that she was in the hospital to receive stitches for an accident, and that we'd likely have to postpone the date.  I asked her what had happened, and she said that she had tripped and fell onto concrete.  I offered to give her a ride or help out however I could, but she said that she'd be fine and that we could reschedule for the following week.

We were in touch over the next week, and that Thursday, she told me over the phone that again, she needed stitches for another slip.  I quipped, "Maybe you should take to wearing kneepads when you go out of your house."

She replied, "That would detract from the fun of it."

"The fun of it?"

"Yeah.  I didn't slip and fall.  I was riding behind a friend's car on an old skateboard.  We tied it to the bumper and my friend did about 30.  It was awesome until I fell off."

"That sounds dangerous."

"It is, but we've been doing it for years, so it's okay."

"How often have you fallen off the skateboard?"

She replied, "Oh, maybe one out of every five times.  It's my own fault.  I have a technique which makes hanging on easy, but I keep experimenting with different ways to do it."

"Maybe you should stop."


"Okay.  So see you this weekend?"


Our postponed date was that Saturday.  I was looking forward to meeting her, although I was expecting her to be a patchwork assembly of stitches, gauze, and bruises.  The more I thought about it, the less I saw a potential future with her, as the idea of worrying constantly about someone with such a stupid hobby wasn't all that attractive to me.

Sure enough, she called me about two hours before the date to say, "Yeah, so I went for another skateboard ride to blow off stress, and you'll be happy to know that I don't need stitches.  I fell off, though, and I got a bit banged up.  I'm sorry to do this, but could we reschedule again?"


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