That'll Be an Awkward Next Calc Class

Email Submitted by Lynda:

You're in my calc class.  I think you're the hottest girl in the class, possibly in the school.  I'm Chris.

Working on a calc problem right now: how can I get you to go out with me?  Not so much math as it is an exercise in possibilities, so more statistics.  n=you going out with me, r=me, s=you, m=sexual relations (!!!).

f(x)=(r+s)=n.  Simple enough, but if we factor in (m), we'll have a equation more like:

int(r+s)=babies if done frontally but no babies if anal(m).




  1. Don't you need an "x" for there to be a function of x in the first place? Maybe this is that new math they're a-teachin' in the Kansas schools.

  2. How is r + s = n? In other words he wrote:

    you + me = going out with me.

    I am sure this kid is failing calculus.

  3. int(r+s)=babies if done frontally but no babies if anal(m)....but we'll have dirty sheets

  4. And if you do frontally and use a condom then you get

    babies = int(r+s) / 0.

  5. This was truly adorable right up to "m=sexual relations (!!!)"

  6. int (r+s) = .... So this kid is failing computer programming classes as well?

  7. I love that you are all picking apart the math :)

  8. ^ Well if you're going to try, do it right.


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