That Smoky Flavor

Email Submitted by Brenda:

Dear Smoker:

What a shame!

Shame! Shame!!!

Your profile is grand and you are very pretty! But shame!

Shame! Shame!!!

You smoke! That's a deal breaker for me! It is a truly shame!

You will die!

If you stop smoking we can date together!



  1. Rod: We flushed your sin sticks down to hell!
    Todd: Smokers are jokers!
    Rod/Todd: Smokers are jokers!

  2. Howie - smoking is bad for your health, yes, but berating somebody for something they obviously *choose* to do is idiotic.

  3. Come on, Baku, they're only choosing to rape and mutilate childrens' *lungs.*

  4. @Baku

    I was going to say something snarky about choice
    only relating to bad habits, but then I realized raping children would be considered a pretty bad habit in itself.

  5. Oooh I hope we get a good comment battle over this one b/t smokers and non-smokers! *fingers crossed*

  6. Smoking is a legitimate deal breaker, but not a legitimate reason to send this email to someone you've never even met.

    And I say that as someone whose college boyfriend quit smoking in order to date me.

  7. Does the author of this email think he won't die? That somehow not smoking entitles one to avoid the bitterness of grave? Good luck with that.

  8. ^True, but in this case the law of averages works in his favour.

  9. ^Spelling favor with a "u" gets me hot and bothered.

  10. That woman sounds like a crazy person. But that's awesome that you stood up for your friend.


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