Swing and a Miss

Story Submitted by Felicia:

Rob messaged me online, and I was instantly attracted to his profile.  He was a ballroom dancer, and in addition to having photos of himself dancing, he also listed the dances at which he considered himself proficient.  All were ones that I wanted to learn, myself.  I was a novice in the dance scene back then, so I was anxious to meet people who could introduce me to that world.

I replied to his email, and we struck up a great conversation.  "I'd love to teach you," he wrote, "I promise I'll be patient."

For our first date, he said that he'd take me out to dinner and then to a dance hall for some swing, which I had wanted to learn for some time.  Dinner went well, and when we made it to the dance, he was, as he had promised, patient with me.  At least, at first.

As more people arrived, he introduced me to many of them, as he had been involved in the local dance scene for some time.  As expected, he danced with a few other girls, as I watched and studied his moves.  Whenever someone asked to dance with me, I warned them that I was a beginner, but everyone was very warm and supportive.

After a little while of not dancing with each other, Rob sought me out and danced with me again.

He said, "Wow.  You really suck at this.  It's like you haven't improved at all since we got here."

I replied, "Maybe if you took the time to teach me, like you promised."

He moaned and said, "I can't spend all night teaching you."

I said, "I'm here to learn.  I'll can just ask someone else if it's too much trouble for you."

He said, "Fine, come with me."  He took my hand, led me outside the dance hall, and said, "Wait here."  He went back inside.

After five minutes, I had a sneaking suspicion that he had meant to leave me out there until he was done, like a dog you tie up outside a restaurant while you go in to eat.  What an asshole!

I went back in and sure enough, I saw him dancing with someone else.  I danced with as many people who weren't him as possible.  I met some great folks, and another guy even asked for my number.  I gave it to him, and he and I ended up dating for a while.

As for Rob, I didn't see him again after that night.  I didn't miss him at all.

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  1. That guy is a waste of oxygen. At least something decent came out of the evening.


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