Sometimes Hard

Email Submitted by Walter:

I'm looking for a guy.  A guy has no boobs, a dick, and two balls.  Not hard, right?  Every guy I date though is lacking one or more of these.  Seriously is there plutonium in the drinking water around here?  Who pilfered the penii, people???



  1. *snerk*

    If you end up on a date with a guy with boobs, I think the problem is you, not *ahem* him.

    Maybe a visit to an eye doc is in order...

  2. ^ Unless the guy is fat in which case it is him :-/

  3. So she wouldn't date Lance Armstrong. Got it.

  4. Well Molly, she wouldn't date Adolf Hitler either, so maybe its not such a bad thing.

  5. ...I want a guy with boobs. :-/

  6. Isn't it penises and not penii?

    1. The proper Latinate plural is actually "penes".


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