The Scariest Way to a Free Meal

Story Submitted by Amanda:

Albert came across as a charming and thoughtful guy online.  He was a year younger than I was and I don't usually date younger guys, but his maturity impressed me, as well as how together he seemed (a welcome breath of fresh air after some wackos I had met prior).

Unfortunately, the honeymoon phase lasted for all of a few minutes in person.  We met up in a park, he gave me a great big hug, and we walked to dinner.

Once we were inside of the crowded restaurant, he led me up to the host's station.  A hostess approached us, carrying a bill folio from one of the departing tables.  She entered some things into the station's computer and said, "Hey folks, I'll be right with you."

She set the folio down, turned, and walked a few steps away from us, long enough for Albert to grab the folio, look inside, pocket the cash within, and replace it quickly where she had left it.  He winked at me.

I was speechless.  He had done it so fast, so matter-of-factly, that I wondered if there was even anything unusual about it.

When the hostess returned, she asked us, "Just the two of you, this evening?"

"Yes," Albert said, and she led us to a booth.  I felt ill, and he tried to make conversation without alluding to the theft once.  I had to do something, though, and I excused myself, telling him that I needed to use the restroom.

Instead, I found the hostess, in a place that I thought was away from where Albert could see.  I told her what he had done, and she became very upset. "That's a really big deal," she said, "Our manager would throw him out for life."

I said, "I don't want to go back to the table.  If you and your manager approach him about it, then he'll know that I told on him."

She said, "Well, we are crowded.  I could say that it was someone from the bar who saw it, or even another waiter.  We'll figure it out, but if you don't want to go back to the table, then you can stay here."

She led me to a space near the kitchen, where there was a chair.

I sat down and she left.  After a couple of minutes, I heard a raised voice from the direction of where Albert's table was.  Then I heard Albert yelling, and the sound of silverware and glasses being knocked off of a table.  I heard someone yell, "Jesus Christ!  What the fuck?" and a "Get off me!"

I stood up a bit to gain a better angle, and I saw Albert breaking away from where two people, who I guessed to be other patrons, were holding him, and Albert himself made a break for the door.

A waiter stepped into his way and Albert shoved at him, but someone yelled, "Stop him!" and a group of guys grabbed and held him. 

Albert yelled, "I didn't do nothing!  I'll fucking sue you all!"

A man, who I guessed to be a manager, approached him and said something I couldn't hear.  Albert dug into his pocket, threw down a handful of what I guessed to be the stolen money, and then Albert stormed out of the place.

I waited in there for a little while longer.  The man who had spoken to Albert, who was the manager after all, came to me, asked me if I was okay, and gave me a free meal.  He said that he'd personally escort me to my car if I didn't feel safe going back to it myself.

Sometimes doing the right thing is rewarding, but it can still be frightening as all hell!


  1. At first I thought you'd be drawing derision for not blowing him in, but YOU GO GIRL! Double kudos for doing it while caught in a web of complicity!

    Too bad they didn't turn him over to the cops.

  2. I'd have done the same thing. Good job, OP! I'm glad you got home safe and Albert wasn't waiting outside to accost you.

  3. Wow, I expected the OP to say something like, "I was so shocked, I didn't do anything!"

    This blog has really lowered my faith in humanity.

  4. Hooray OP! I'm glad the staff was solidly on your side.

  5. "That's a really big deal," she said, "Our manager would throw him out for life."

    ??WTF?? Doesn't that sound weird to you? He stole money from the place, and the worst that can happen is he gets barred for life? What is that place, [OK I'm not clever enough to think of something funny here - insert someplace that being barred from is worse than being arrested, and slung in the lock up]

  6. Good on you for doing the right thing! :) ^^Upvote MegaKudos!

  7. ^^Since there was no actual evidence that he had stolen anything, I doubt any charges would have stuck. The best the manager COULD hope for was getting the money back and not having to deal with him ever again.

  8. ^ They might have found his fingerprints on the folio.

  9. ^Just because he touched it doesn't mean he stole anything. Circumstantial at best.

    Besides do you think the cops are going to give it the whole CSI treatment for the misdemeanor charge of theft of 40 dollars? I'd be pretty skeptical.

  10. Granted the prosecution would be unlikely to go anywhere, but a few hours sitting in jail might have left enough of an impression to discourage him from trying it again in some other restaurant. Would probably be worth it even if not. :)

  11. Great way to step in, even when you don't want confrontation!


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