Running Mates

Story Submitted by Zack:

I was taking some time off of dating when I met Lorraine. I was working on my laptop in a packed coffee shop when she asked if she could sit in the empty seat at my table. As it turned out, we both worked at local live theaters and so we had a lot to talk about.

After an hour or so of talking and not doing much work, I asked her if she wanted to take a walk. She joined me outside and we strolled about town and down by the river. I noted early on that she was a pretty fast walker, faster than I was, at any rate. I found myself nearly jogging to keep up with her. 

Finally, she broke out into a light jog, and I felt compelled to say, "Hey, we running a race?"

"No," she said, and continued on talking about whatever it was that we were talking about, but soon broke out into a run. 

"What are you doing?" I asked her as she pounded pavement faster and faster until I finally stopped. She kept going.

"Lorraine!" I called after her, but she was gone. I still have no idea what it was all about, although I think that I'm seeing her at a fundraiser in a couple of months. I'd love to see her bolt from me in a cocktail dress.


  1. OP, seems to me something you did or said must have creeped her out mightily. That, or she's a whackaloon.

  2. ^Yes.

    Holy crap OP, get a clue, she was running AWAY from you. If you can't pick up on when someone is that uncomfortable, maybe it's a good thing you're "taking some time off of dating". Though that will only work to help you if you a) actually avoid dating, and b) do some introspection in the meantime.

    Getting back into the conversation when you caught up the first time was her way of feigning politeness before attempting another getaway. Yes, running away in general is a rude and stupid way to get out of a conversation, but seriously. A Bad Case of the Derps on your part.

  3. I'll never have any respect for people who can't just say "Sorry, but this isn't working out for me, see ya."

    I mean, why all the shenanigans. I like shenanigans as much as I like skullduggery, japes and skylarking. And you know how I feel about those subjects, I trust.

  4. Ari, you make a lot of assumptions about the OP. I'd say the wall of text you posted says more about you than anyone else. Running away like that, with no explanation or even a faint excuse, is lame and dumb.

  5. OP, she'll run run run until daddy takes her Tbird away!

    Here's a picture to attach to Nikki's comment.


  6. How many times have we heard the "running away" story now?

    Whether it's trying to lose the date in a mall or store, or straight up running away like this one - they're all pretty much the same.

  7. ^ True, but that never seems to make it any less weird.

  8. I want to hear a rebuttal story


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