Pirate of the Caribbean

Email Submitted by Tim:

Great news!

I won a free trip to the Caribbean!  It's a trip for two and I would consider taking you with me!  Why you and not a friend?  Why can't you be my friend!  See?  You CAN be my friend!

First you will pay me for the ticket (Ill only charge you half price - half price to the Caribbean!)!  Next we will get SEPARATE BEDS.  NO HURDYGURDY.  YOU PAY for all of YOUR MEALS!  Except for meals covered by the trip which I think is all meals but any meals not all meals YOU COVER SELF.

What else?  Oh yes!  We go where I want to go.  My trip my rools.  You give me a smile and we enjoy our time together?  K?  K!



  1. Hurdy Gurdy sounds so hot and kinky. Gag.

  2. Rool #1 - Do not respond.

  3. "Why you and not a friend? Why can't you be my friend! See? You CAN be my friend!"

    I can't argue with that, very sound logic.

  4. So, what exactly is half the cost of a free trip? Hmmm...

  5. I can't imagine anything worse than being trapped with a bad date one a boat. Though you'd get some pretty good stories.. so go for it OP!

  6. No hurdy gurdy? Okay, what about the dancing monkey, then?

  7. I wonder about someone who doesn't know the difference between hurdy-gurdy and hanky-panky.


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