My Sister Doesn't Return My Calls

Email Submitted by Chloe:

I really like your profile. You remind me a lot of my sister, but I'm allowed to have sex with you. I'm not actually attracted to my sister don't get the wrong idea! She just has a personality that seems similar to yours and she is fun and you seem fun. Believe me I would much rather have sex with you than with her!

My sister is a web developer who I don't want to have sex with. You say that you also work in the computer industry? What do you do?

Thankyou for your time!



  1. I guess lots of people with no social or communication skills end up on dating websites; that much makes sense... but srsly? "Hi, I'm James, and I like little boys. Not to do inappropriate things, I just really like children. Sorry, that went all wrong; let me start over... Hi, I'm James, and I'm not a pedophile..."

  2. And the whole point of the internet is that you get a chance to check what you're writing before you send it out.

    And even then someone decides to send out something like this. Weird...

  3. You're definitely not a replacement for my sister... who I don't want to have sex with.

  4. A Bad Case of Being in Denial


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