Laundry Day Must Be a Hoot

Story Submitted by Lorraine:

Drew wrote to me online.  I was attracted to his smile and lighthearted manner, and so we agreed to meet up for a walk and coffee.

We were about an hour into our afternoon walk on a nice Saturday when we sat down on a bench to rest and continue our conversation.  After a brief lull, he turned to me and said, "I want to show you something."  Before waiting for a response, he pulled down his pants a little ways to show me his thick, white... diaper.

"I wear diapers," he said, "Not all the time, but when I want to feel sexy."  I nodded, feeling anything but sexy.  He slid closer to me and went on, "Do you think you'd ever want to wear one?"

I said, "I don't know if that's my thing, but if it's yours then that's fine.  Would you mind pulling your pants up?"

He didn't, and he slid a bit closer.  I inched away.  He said, "I can't think of anything sexier than two people in diapers together."

I said, "Maybe you should put that on your profile.  It might up the chances that you'll meet someone who shares that dream."

"I think you'd look cute in a diaper," he went on, seemingly ignoring my suggestion.

"I think we should talk about something else."

He sat back and said, "They're cloth and I make them myself.  And it's not like I shit in them.  I just wear them for sexiness."


"Maybe you'll let me make you one."

I stood up and said, "Hey, you want to grab that coffee now?"

He hiked up his pants and we went for coffee.  I think that he got the message, although he commented once on how nice the fabric of the diaper felt against his skin.

After coffee, I bid him goodbye.  He reminded me, "Don't forget about my diaper offer.  Seriously, envision it, think about it, and let me know."

"I will."

I didn't.


  1. Jeeeezz what is it with these people who show their diapers, delete contacts, fart in faces - at the first date??? Have they built up such an internal dialogue and narrative before they meet, that they're already six months into a solid dating relationship??

  2. People tell so much about themselves in emails, text messages, phone conversations, whatever before the first date that maybe it already feels like a third date? I never fart in people's faces before the third date because I'm not a slut.

  3. This new "Cheery" section got me all soft-hearted. I was expecting this date to end with "we've been together ever since, and we just welcomed a third diaper-wearer into our family."

  4. The "adult baby" fetish (which this is kind of a milder version of) is definitely something you don't spring on a first date, although it IS something you need to let a person in on in the beginning of an actual relationship.

    Props for him saving the environment by using reusable cloth diapers though! :)

  5. I'm with the OP on this one. When a man dresses and acts appropriately for his age group, that's what gets a woman's motor going. If this guy wants to do the diaper thing, that's his business, but I personally think it's just plain WEIRD

  6. You shouldn't have gone with him for coffee. You asked him to pull his pants back up and he didn't - clearly, he doesn't care about your boundaries.


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