Just Gloves and a Spade, Please

Email Submitted by Deana:

You're a gardener! Cool! What do you garden? I garden potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. I want to garden fulltime!

Black skirts are always stylish. Except when you're gardening! But you wouldn't know since you don't wear skirts. Or do you? It's a little weird if you do, not going to lie... but I have an uncle who does. He doesn't think that anybody in the family knows, but I found out by accident while spying on him one day. Good blackmail info!

He's a good guy, though. But if you wear skirts it might not work out between us. I don't like to think of hanging manbits. *vomit*



  1. Wow, that train of thought derailed before it even left the station.

    To be fair, I don't like to think about hanging manbits either.

  2. ...Did anyone notice that the name for this entry is "Deana"? I know the tag is "Written by a Guy," and no offense to the OP, but what kind of name is that for a man? Jared, is that a typo?

  3. I thought it would have been even funnier if the OP were actually a woman, because it would add that special little dash of extra WTFery on the part of the emailer.

  4. Nikki I think Jared changes all the names.

  5. ^He only changes the names of the people IN the story, unless the author requests that he change his/her name too. I'm leaning towards this being a typo, because I can't imagine any guy asking Jared to publish this story under a girl's name.

  6. The ad on the side is for wire cucumber trellis and I think that's a nice touch.


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