Just Before Omaha Was Destroyed

Story Submitted by Melissa:

I went to college in St. Louis and during my freshman year, I met Barry, an older guy, online (he was 25) who offered to take me out on a date one Thursday night.

He picked me up at my dorm, I climbed into his car, and asked, "What's the plan for tonight?

"I know!" he said, "Let's drive to Omaha!"

Omaha was easily a seven or eight hour drive away.  It was 6pm.  I told him, "Maybe some other night?"

He said, "We have to go tonight.  It won't be there anymore after the weekend."

I asked, "What?  Why?"

He stared straight out of his windshield and gravely replied, "I have it on good authority that it'll be destroyed," then turned to me, smiled, and asked, "Ready to go?"

I said, "I have class tomorrow at nine."

"Plenty of time," he said, "And Omaha will only be with us for so much longer."

He pulled away in the car and we were on the highway headed west for a good five minutes before I asked him if he would consider doing something a bit more local.

"Nope!" he said.  "I'm going to Omaha tonight.  If you want out, your choice."

"I want out."

He slammed on the brakes, pulled over on the side of the highway, and said, "Have a good walk back.  I'd drive you, but I'm going to Omaha tonight."

I stepped out of the car and he flew off.  I called a friend to pick me up, and when she did, we had a good laugh about it, even though it had shaken me up a little.

He texted me a few hours later: "Had a good walk?"

I replied, "A friend picked me up five minutes later.  Having a good drive?"

No response.  I hope that he made it to Omaha before its destruction.


  1. I've been to Omaha several times. No big loss.

  2. Okay OP, let me see if I can figure out this sequence of events...

    1) He says "We're going to Omaha."
    2) You say "I don't want to."
    3) He says "We're going to Omaha."
    4) He follows that comment with something insane.
    5) You decide to get in the car at that point.

    Now tell me, OP, which of these 5 steps seems like it "doesn't fit" somehow?

  3. Wolfdreams, you got your list all wrong. You forgot to read over this key piece of information.

    -- "He picked me up at my dorm, I climbed into his car, and asked, "What's the plan for tonight?"

    See, she was in the car already before they decided on what to do.

  4. Problem the first:

    First date with a guy and having no idea what you were going to be doing - meaning, you couldn't tell anyone where you were going.

    You could have easily ended up in Omaha - in his trunk.


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