Introducing "Cheery"

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Sometimes bad dates end well.

Sometimes, you find yourself perusing ABCotD, only to find a story with such a happy ending that it makes you want to kiss a weeping kitten's head.

For all those times, we give you our newest label: Cheery!

Now accessible from the text navigation on top of every page (like the rest of our tags), we've painstakingly combed the archives for stories about dates that may have gone awry but still ended well for both parties.

A big thanks to Katie over at The Occasional Fish for her help on this project.  Check out her blog.  She's a good writer and fun!

Click here to start enjoying Cheery Stories now!  Awwww.




    I come here for bad date stories so I can laugh at other peoples misfortunes. Not this lovey dovey bullshit.

  2. I could NOT agree with you MORE! Sorry Jared, but that is a section I will be staying away from!

  3. I guess I'll be in the minority. I always find happy stories refreshing and it keeps me from completely losing faith in my species.

  4. I'm glad to hear it, Baku. Thankfully, you're not yet a cynical, miserable husk of humanity. Like Howie.

  5. And for the record, cheery dates can be (and often are) bad dates, dates in which unfortunate things happen to people: they just don't break up in the end.

  6. Hello Cheery. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the reminder that even fubar-ed situations are sometimes redeemable.

  7. Jared, you make me chuckle sometimes.

    Yay for Cheery!

  8. Haha I totally thought this was CHEESY stories, which would be just as adorable. I'm with the ladies: huzzah happy endings that don't involve orgasms!

    Muchas gracias to Jared and The Occasional Fish for bringing us a new tag.

  9. Jared...if you met my family, you would understand. I mean, who names their kid Howie with such a weird last name?

  10. Ahahahahaha... point taken.


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