How Nice. Wait.

Email Submitted by David:

Hello I am a Serbian girl living now in the USA!  I am glad to have found your profile and I would like to get to know you better.  You have a handsome face, or as they say in my country: "Ви сте лосионом од мртвих мајмуна."  That means that nature has conspired to bring you luck, in your case, a handsome face.

I am a doctor's assistant but I tire of the job and I will be going back to school to study psychology.


(David says: "Seems nice enough, until you look up the actual translation of the phrase.  When I wrote her back to ask about it, she never replied.")


  1. Google translate, it's not that freakin' hard.

    nature has conspired to bring you luck
    природа заверу да вам донесе срећу

  2. Neither her nor theMediator's sentence make any grammatical sense.
    Hers isn't even a Google-translated common expression. I'm left confused.


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