Better the Divorce Should Come Before the Wedding

Story Submitted by Sienna:

Cameron and I met online, and he asked me out to dinner.  He rushed us through the meal, and after he paid the check, he said, "My friend works in the bridal shop around the corner from here.  Is it cool if I stop in to say a quick hi?"

I thought it weird that he'd want to visit with a friend during our date, but I didn't want to come across as controlling, so I told him, "Sure, that's fine."

We walked to the bridal shop, he strode up to the young woman behind the counter, and said, "One wedding dress, please!"

The clerk smiled and said, "Congratulations to both of you.  When's the event?"

I said, "But I'm not marrying him.  This is our first date."

The clerk said, "That's moving fast, isn't it?"

I asked Cameron, "Is this your friend?"

Cameron replied.  "Nope.  I just wanted to get you in here.  See anything you like?"

I said, "I think I'll meet you outside," and left.

He followed me out and said, "I thought you'd like being in a bridal shop.  I thought that you'd be all about marrying me."

"On a first date?  Are you serious?"

He scoffed, "Then no second date for you.  Good luck getting home," and he walked off.

I called after him, "My car is parked right down the block, idiot!"  No response from him as he continued on his way.  I went back to my car and drove home.

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  1. If he wants someone that eager to get married, he should offer the option to women needing green cards.


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