Alcohol's a Hell of a Drug

Story Submitted by Dahlia:

Chris and I met at a concert at an underground club.  We had both drank a bit, danced together, and made out for a while.  I gave him my number and he promised to call.

He did.  We met up at a bar, and you know what else?  He had already had a few drinks before the date even started.  When we hugged, he pressed his lips into my ear and said, "You look so hot, I could skull-fuck you right here."

I pushed him away and said, "You're not skull-fucking anything tonight.  Let's get some food into you, boy."

He pulled out his phone, dialed a number, and sat down at the bar.  "Hey, it's me," he said, glancing at me.  "Can I come by tonight?"  Then, "Great.  I'll be there in a couple of hours.  Just out with friends right now," and he winked at me, then hung up.

"Got plans for later?" I asked, trying to put a polite spin on his rude gesture.

He said, "Looks like I'm getting some skull-fucking in tonight, after all!"

I smiled and replied, "Won't that be nice?  Enjoy yourself!" and I left him, there and then.

An hour later, I received a text from him: "Where r u?"

I replied, "Home."

He responded, "Oh.  Thought u were in the bathroom!  lol."

I saw him again at some different concerts, but he didn't even remember me.


  1. *facepalm* That's all I'm gonna say. I'll let the other trolls take this one.

  2. Awesome. Good for you for leaving!
    You gave him one chance with telling him he should get some food after he was crude, a second chance after he made the most ridiculous phone call right in front of you, and the third strike was the skull fucking comment.
    You were out, way to go!

  3. Chris seems like a fine and upstanding young gentleman.

  4. Really, guys? Am I the only one who thinks that this entire date could have been avoided if she had just kept her drunken hipster hook-up just that? A one-time thing? I'm sorry, but that sort of scene doesn't seem like the best place to meet people. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you show up sober to a date, and your drunken hipster hook-up (DHH) is already tanked, just leave. It was a sign.

  5. DHH

    - abbrevation for
    Drunken Hipster Hookup


    Webster's here I come!


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