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E-mail Submitted by Faith:

First thing you need to know is that I'm not gay.  I'm not gay but I need to know something right away before a date or else we're both wasting time.  People date to find sexual lifemates-fact.  I'm not gay but I am looking for a potential lifemate to cut her hair, strap her bazongas in (if they are large bazongas) and use a... this is kind of embarassing so please don't share... a d-do.  You know what I'm saying.

Look like a boy but not be a boy.  Again, please don't share but I'm not gay and this is just what will turn me on.  See now why it's imprtant for me to mention it first?  If you're not willing, it's fine and I'll find someone else.  Easy three: short hair, bazongas in, and 'do.  Understand?  Please don't share.  Or if you're willing to do one and not the others then that can work too.  Thank you!



  1. ....i think you meant to sign off

  2. I'm sorry, my what now? Bazongas? Really?

  3. But what's the didgeridoo for?

  4. Lots of straight guys like a good pegging. The rest of it, though...


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