You Want a Parade?

Email Submitted by Jonathan:

I've been on this site for four years.  Slept with five guys.  Gotten into countless fights with their girlfriends/wives.  One thing I learned is what a good profile is, and you have one.  I salute you sir!

Are you married?  I have to ask.  I've slept with five guys off this site, three of whom were married and they DIDN'T TELL ME!  Fun for me, sucks for them and their wives (they always found out) but whatever.

It's easy for me to find guys off this site (I slept with 5.  Three were married!) but I don't seek married guys on purpose.  I want you to know that and be straight if you're married or not.



  1. Five, did she say?

  2. four years
    five guys
    countless fights
    One thing
    have one
    three of whom

    Any bets she's an accountant and into numbers.

  3. So she is into you for sex, I suppose that's a good start.


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