Won't This Violate Zoning Laws?

E-mail Submitted by Marie:

It's about time I found you!  I've been looking!  The sixth and final!

A friend of mine at a party once had five women at once!  He isn't just saying that I was there.  He went into a room with five women and the door closed and he was in there until noon the next day.  HOLY SHIT.  I want to one up him and have six.

To do this I need six women and I will go an extra step and hand-pick them out.  I found five online that might be willing and now I just need the special number six!  You?!?

I am clean, no STDs.  No relationship/commitment/obsession here.  Just want a night of women piled high!  That's what I'm naming it (but only I and now you know that) Women Piled High Night.  I'll have the room, music, wine, drugs, whatever you want to help me make this happen.  I want women stacked high!

We'll be laughing behind a closed, locked door and maybe I'll even invite my friend over to listen only, not to participate!



  1. "No relationship/commitment/obsession here" So just to be clear, being hell-bent on one-upping his friend doesn't count as an obsession?

  2. I'm sorry, but what the fuck could any one guy do with six women? Or five for that matter. Most guys get their nuts in a wad over two. Sounds like a lot of fooling around (and dildos) amongst the women, waiting for a tag in. Lame.

    1. Tongue, penis, two hands, two feet.

      No, I've never actually tried this. :)

  3. I can see this becoming an escalating arms race between Jeff and his friend, until they each have an extremely precarious Jenga tower of women.

    Actually that sounds awesome.

  4. ^ 'couch'?

  5. Numbers: The visual image I got in my head of a "precarious Jenga tower of women" is one of the best things I've thought about today. BEST. GAME. EVER.

  6. Lol. You knew what I meant.

  7. Why does this remind me of "binders of women"? I don't know...


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