With Friends Like These...

E-mail Submitted by Mae:

Hello there!

We're Artie and Hugo and we're roommates who both found you attractive.  We're also friends, and we realize that asking you to pick both of us isn't a likely possibility, first because we're not gay, secondly because that would probably offend some delicate women's sensibility bullshit code thing.  ANYWAYZ....

We both think you're hot.  We'd like you to choose one of us.  To keep it fair, we're writing about each other - Hugo will write about Artie first, then Artie about Hugo.  Out of trust, we won't read each other's descriptions before clicking send.  Here goes:

Hugo on Artie - Artie is a handsome, smart, intelligent guy.  He's an engineer, but he knows how to have a good time.  He collects Hummel figurines (after having inherited some from a relative) and is always the life of the party. 

Artie on Hugo - Hugo always speaks the truth.  Except about his alcohol problem.

Write back with the one of us you want to date.  I hope it's me!  If it's both, let us know that, too!  It would be awesome!

Thanks a million,
Artie and Hugo


  1. These guys are friends! These friends have joeeks!

  2. I think Artie and Hugo are the same guy with a split personality

  3. It's funny if real, but since it's not, I have to assume that there is no Hugo.

  4. I don't care if there IS or isn't a Hugo; this was fantastic. OP should have chosen Hugo, just to see what would happen.


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