What Despair Sounds Like

E-mail Submitted by Charles:

You're a handsome guy.  What are you doing on this site?  I must conclude that it has something to do with your personality, but according to the way you represent yourself, you're flawless.  I must therefore conclude that you're lying.  Don't contact me.



  1. Probably true, bt still a bitchy way to go about it.

  2. Amazing, Grace!

    Of course he's lying.
    Statistically on dating websites:
    23% of guys are married and
    43% lie about their age, height, use old or photoshop pictures etc.

  3. Sounds like flirting. Why else would she go through the trouble to message him the way she did if she didn't want him to message her? He probably never would've messaged her otherwise. No means yes, black is white, up is down, and the White Sox will never win the World Series. Again.

  4. Yeah, don't contact me. Don't use the email and contact details that are on my profile now that you know who I am. Most of all, remember that I hate being contacted by men I find handsome.

  5. very post-mod kind of message: the non-message message.

  6. @Laebshade...have you never read this site?


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