There's One Place I'll Never Travel

E-mail Submitted by Tori:

Your profile says that you've "traveld all over the world", but let's analyze that statement.  You list Greece, Italy, Norway, and Iceland.  That is not all over the world.

I have been to Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, regular africa, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Chile, Peru, and Brazil.  THAT is all over the world.  In my world "all over the world" means ALL over the world, not just a handful of countries no one cares about.  Try to get it right.

Aside from that, your profile was ok.  It needs more interesting stuff and less problems. You are full of problems on your profile, and I'm too bored with it to help you.

You're sexy though, so let's go out.  My place/bed?



  1. Seems like Steve is using the "girls are attracted to jerks" technique, but in his case it comes across as very contrived and douchey instead. Or maybe he really is just an asshole, lol. Either way, it may not have worked on Tori but it will probably work on some low self-esteem girl somewhere, as the tecnique itself is pretty despicable but it does work.

    1. Agreed, this looks very, very contrived. Someone's completely tone-deaf idea of a joke? Or a

  2. ^Even giving him the all 52 countries in "regular africa," he's still missing over 125 countries, so by his own definition he hasn't traveled the world either.

    I think that means he owes me a blow job.

  3. "Regular Africa" just made my day.
    Apparently South Africa is just irregular Africa.

  4. Sorry, Steve, in the real world, you've neglected to visit the countries of Oceania (Samoa, Tonga, Australia, etc.). Looks like you haven't been all over the world, after all.

  5. Let's not forget Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica to name a few more.


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