Tales From the Discount Boystore

E-mail Submitted by Daisy:

You would make a choice lifemate.  I believe that you can teach me eveything you know and it sure seems like you know a lot.  I've been to the girlstore before and bought me some real cows but you seem different

They say "oh i'm thin" biut by the third date theyre fat.  They have pics of themselves not being hairy and then hey whats this theres hair all over you. "My fmaily's all good people" but then why is dad/brother chasing me out of your house with a rake?  i did nothing to him.  Bullshit.

i'm real good to my ladies and the ones who leave satisfied are so happy.  i just haven't found my the one you know?  who knows, maybe she's you.  I hope so i'm tired of waiting for ones ass. LOL



  1. AHAHAHA I just broke it off with a Kyle and although I know the names are changed for privacy or whatever, this is SO him. Love it!!

  2. ^broke it off? Meaning you were already with a guy like this?

  3. Unfortunately yes... He was a DREAM, let me tell you.

  4. http://disastersofdating.com/

  5. ^ why would you post that here? We've already got our bad dating site thank you very much.


    "the ones who leave satisfied are so happy"

    And the ones who don't?


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