Speaking of "Where's My Delete Key?"

E-mail Submitted by Bo:


You intrigue me.  I'm Tim, and maybe we'd be a good match.  I think we're compatible on many levels.  I'm a sensitive, caring guy who's still in touch with his former girlfriends (as friends).  Nothing explosive or dark and stormy here!

How long have you been playing the flute?  Have you performed a lot publicly?  I play drums and know a bit of keyboard.

My mother knits and sells her creations on etsy.  My father's a lawyer and he'll sue your pants off if you mess with me (kidding).

Speaking of pants coming off, do you shave your underparts?  Hair in my teeth?  Not pleasant.  Swallowed a few in my time.  About as fun as it sounds!  Once a loose hair tickled my nose and made me sneeze while I was down there!  She was pissed, but I made up for it later.  It's so weird to think that my parents don't know about it.



  1. "It's so weird to think that my parents don't know about it."

    Because.....he's still in high school?

  2. It's weird... that his parents... don't know... about his sex life?

    Double Facepalm.

  3. I don't mind hair in my teeth because I was told to floss after each meal anyway...

  4. Boy, that sure is weird that your parents don't know about it. Probably best to save up the stories until after you do anal for the first time.

  5. My thought process while reading this:

    "Oh, he seems really dorky and sweet! I don't see what's so bad about this WHY IS HE TALKING ABOUT GETTING LADY PUBES STUCK IN HIS TEETH OH MY GOD WTF ABOUT HIS PARENTS?!?!?!"

  6. ^ Hahaha! I had the very same reaction.


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