Short People Have No Reason

Story Submitted by Angela:

Sean responded to my ad on a dating site with a lot of enthusiasm and, surprisingly, his emails were literate, funny and about more than sex. It didn't take long before we arranged to go out for a date.

All of Sean's profile pictures were close-ups – head and shoulder shots only, and he listed his height as 6'2".

We had arranged to meet at a small cafe, and I was early, so I chose a seat by a window. He was bang on time, and as he walked through the doors, I realized he'd not been truthful on his profile:  he was maybe 5'5" at most.

Height isn't a big thing for me (although truthfulness is), so it wasn't until we'd both ordered drinks and were browsing the menu that I brought it up, figuring maybe he'd laugh it off and we could make a joke of it.  I said, "So, six-two, huh?"

He completely overreacted. "What the fuck?" he shouted, rocketing up from the table.  "Why is every bitch so hung up on my fucking height?"

I stood up to reassure him that it wasn't a big deal.  His eyes widened, and he stared at me.

Apparently, he hadn't paid attention to what I had (truthfully) listed as my height on my profile: I'm 5'11" in bare feet, and as I'd thought I was meeting a tall guy, I was wearing heels that were a couple of inches tall.

"What's wrong?" I asked after several moments of silence.

"You're...er... tall," was his reply, "I should go."

I admit, I might have lost my temper. I said, "You go off on me when you think I'm judging you on your height, but mine is apparently fine to walk out on?"

Sean's face screwed up into a mask of anger and he stormed out of the cafe.

Good riddance.  When I got home, I noticed that his profile had been edited to add that he was only interested in "short women."


  1. What's wrong with this guy? The height difference is enough that he could have climbed you like a tree! That's awesome, I want a taller than me girl now!

  2. I think the weight of that chip on his shoulder is compressing his spine.

  3. Little Seany had little man syndrome

  4. They got little hands
    Little eyes
    They walk around
    Tellin' great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet

    Well, I don't want no short people
    Don't want no short people
    Don't want no short people
    `Round here


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