If I Were Your Nephew, I'd Also Hide

E-mail Submitted by Chad:

Hello you!

I'd like to submit my application to be your girlfriend.  You have the goods and the skills!  And the looks!

Tell me about you!  Where have you hidden?  If you hide from me I'll find you!  KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!  That's a joke I play with my nephew, I find him catch him and then KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA! ;)

Which of the gods is yours?  I have five or four or three.  I mention it because you say on your profile that religion has a decreasing influence on your life.  I could have less if you want.  Just throw the god out the window.  Lol.

Sometimes I look at your profile enough to see when you make changes.  You've changed it twice this past week.  No need to keep changing and looking for people.  You found me!  (Or did I find you! KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!)



  1. The sentence should read "I could have FEWER if you want."


  3. First thing I'd do is ask how old and how many kids.

    Both answers sufficiently low, I'm down.

  4. I thought that last line was hilarious, this was funny enough for an intrigued date.


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