Pretty Much How it Goes

E-mail Submitted by Lenore:

I find most women repulsive and repugnant so you should be thanking me for writing you.  "Thank you!" You're welcome.

Just kidding I like women only most snatch me baronzes what?  ahahaha.

I'm a good guy just out a long term relationshit wants another, who's next?  You?  Good.  Meet, make love, have kids, die.  Woo.

Ready when you are.



  1. I wonder how such a charming man can even be single.

  2. I wonder if the typo "relationSHIT" was a Freudian slip.

    And again with the creepy Edwards.

  3. Who said it was a typo? Definitely someone who's bitter so I bet it was on purpose.

  4. ^ Yeah agree it was probably on purpose. Can't imagine that he's expecting any response from his email.


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