E-mail Submitted by Abbey:

My name is THOMAS.  I like to EAT.  Your profile says that you're a strict vegetarian.  No meat ever???  WTF

You have your beliefs and I'll have mine.  The question becomes: what to raise thew kids?  You don't have a religion down on your profile but I'm going to assume your christian because of most people being christian.  I'm not christian but not because I'm not christian because I don't have religion at all.

I want to raise kids with MEAT! and NO RELIGION!  Other than that I think we're compaitble together so maybe we should get started on this since time ticks away.  Also start eating MEAT!



  1. There is a theme in these posts. A messages B, even though it's plainly obvious that there are serious compatibility issues, and expects B to drop all of their beliefs and habits to please A. This speaks to serious egotism on the part of A. Why didn't A just keep browsing til they found someone who was compatible with their belief structure? Like, not a vegetarian, or, professes nonreligiousness on their profile. Are these people just lazy?

  2. Amanda, don't try and make sense of human stupidity. It's pointless.

  3. Lazy AND self-entitled

  4. Things like strict vegetarianism, whether or not to even have kids, and what religion to raise them if/when you do are all key things that people should have in common. Well, you don't BOTH have to be vegetarian, but you need to find a way to compromise if you still want to make the relationship work.

  5. And why is he talking about how to raise their kids before they've even had a phone call, let alone a date?

  6. It's important to be on the same page on important topics like religion, child rearing, strict eating habits on way or the other, among other things. And if you're not on the same page, you have to be willing to compromise. Otherwise the relationship is doomed.


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