Never Go Against a Sicilian When Death Is on the Line

Story Submitted by Vince:

I was out to dinner with Nell on our first date, and something was definitely a little off. She seemed very drowsy and slow to respond, as if she was on a medication of some sort. Perhaps something was distracting her, or maybe she had a long day.

The waitress came by to take our beverage orders. I picked a water, Nell asked for a water and a diet pop. I then excused myself to use the restroom.

On my way back from the bathroom, I saw her very clearly putting something powdery into my water glass and shaking it around to dissolve it. It might have been sugar, but I wasn't stupid enough to take a chance. What the hell was she doing, putting something into my drink in the first place?

I returned to the table, and the first thing she asked was, "Are you thirsty?" Way to be subtle. But I was equal to it. I grabbed her water glass (which, in retrospect, she might also have spiked with something, as far as I knew) and before she could stop me, I drank from it.

She said, "That's my water."

I replied, "Oh, crap. I'm sorry. Here, you can have mine." I slid my water across the table, to her. She was clearly displeased, but she left it there and didn't drink from it at all during dinner.

At one point, while she had me on the subject of my work, I noticed her slowly pushing the spiked water in my direction, across the table, as if I'd be stupid enough to mistake it for the glass from which I had been drinking.

I reached for the spiked glass, brought it to my mouth, watched her eyes fasten to it, and then I put it down. "Oops! This isn't my glass."

She said, "You can drink from it. I don't mind."

I gave a smirk and asked, "Why? Did you spike this?"

"No!" tumbled out her response.

Still under the guise that I was kidding around, I smiled and said, "Why don't you have some, just to prove me wrong?"

"You can't make me," she said, leaning away from the water. She was all sorts of fun to play with, but I was growing tired of her, and so once the check came, I brought the date to a close, and I insisted that she pay half. I wasn't about to treat someone who slipped things into my drink. I never found out what it was that she put in there, and you know what? I'm probably better off.


  1. Another entry for A Bad Case of I Should Have Called The Police But Didn't.

    "I never found out what it was that she put in there, and you know what? I'm probably better off."

    I'm sure her next victim will thank you.

  2. ^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
    This and the case of the girl whose date tried to break into her house wearing a ski mask show me that some people just don't make a big enough deal out of dangerous, criminal situations.

  3. ^ I'm guessing a lot of them are just too lazy or figure that since they won't be seeing the person again, it's not their problem.

  4. Also, LOVE the title Jared!


  5. I'm with everyone else. Why the hell didn't you call the police?

  6. Drug dealer trying to get you hooked on their product...
    Serial killer...

    It doesn't really matter that you thought you were in control, YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE DAMN POLICE!

  7. True dat, Mediator sir. If this happened to me, ya. Police

  8. My vote is for organ thief.

  9. As a guy, I'm so sick of all these girls trying to slip us roofies and date-raping us on a first blind date. Everyone knows that isn't acceptable till date two.

  10. Sounds like she roofied herself first.

  11. I honestly don't think this was a "call the police" sort of event, for God's sake. I wouldn't have hung around for as long as OP did; I would have told her that I saw her spiking my drink, that it was bullshit, and then left. I probs also would have said something to the waitstaff so they could be careful dumping the water out. Never know if that stuff was bad to touch either.

  12. And furthermore, I'm pretty sure that if he HAD called the police, all my little troll friends here would have called him a pussy and said that he overreacted.

  13. No, if he had called the police she would have lied and said HE was trying to drug HER and that when she called him on it he reversed it and called the cops to try to get her in trouble.


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