Load of Bunk

E-mail Submitted by Patricia:

Did you ever go to a friend's house when your were younger?  Did that friend have bunk beds?  Weren't they the coolest?  Well, you may not have playdates anymore but you can still get access to some awesome bunk beds!  I have two!

Imagine it - a night of fun, out at a bar - we've both had a litte too much to drink and are tipsy - we fall into my apartment - our lips a little too close - and all of a sudden - your eyes light up!  BUNK BEDS! you say WOW I HAVEN'T SEEN THOSE SINCE I WAS LITTLE.  YOu're reminded of your playful nature and silently we fall upon them - upper bunk or lower bunk - your choice completely!

Advantages to upper bunk: it's high and you can see everything around.  Cleaner.  More fun!

Advantage to lower bunk: closer to floor, upper bunk makes a roof, so is cozier! ;))))

Or we could try both!  Remember the bunk beds from when you were little!  You can still access them!  I have two!



  1. Bunk beds are inherently dangerous. Drunk beds even more so.

  2. What makes the upper bunk "cleaner"?

  3. Owen is either stuck in the past or a bunk bed salesman.

  4. @Jared My guess would be because its harder to get to so it gets slept on less often.

  5. @Jared Or maybe all the splooge on the top bunk leaks through the mattress onto the bottom bunk, leaving the top mattress relatively cleaner?

  6. Why does he have two?

    @danagrace I had the same thought.

  7. Dodgy, next he'll be asking her to put a diaper on him or something

  8. I think he means to say that he has two beds....even though every bunk bed set has two beds.

  9. Cheri D + Nikki = It's easier to get it on in the lower bunk. The top one moves too much. I'm not sure about the splooge drip though, I was thinking more direct deposit.

  10. Bunk beds? REALLY?!? Either this guy is living in utter poverty - in which case I give him props for spinning his situation into a positive thing - or he's the world's biggest hipster... in which case he must be found and DESTROYED.


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